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Handstamp Markings & Privately Printed Covers

This section is an extension to the 1998 handbook “Mail and Markings of Private Business Firms of the Spanish Philippines” by Don Peterson. The intent is to develop a comprehensive list of Businesses in the Philippines that used Privately Applied Handstamps on mail (covers) or documents (mainly Revenue related) and/or created Privately Printed Covers during the Spanish period between 1854 and 1899.


Business Handstamps’ refers to a return address, for advertising purposes, or a ‘control’ to prevent the theft of stamps when applied directly over the stamp.


Forwarding Handstamps’ were used by a forwarding agent; a person or firm that undertook to see that the goods of correspondence of another are transported without himself acting as a carrier.


It is interesting to note that majority of the Handstamps on mail was applied in the “white” portion of the cover (front or back), and only seldom appeared on the stamps. On Revenue documents, however, most Handstamps were applied directly on the stamps.


The pdf links below provides details of each Business Firm (where available) and shows examples of known Handstamps or Privately Printed Covers used by each Firm. In some instances, only part of the Handstamp is detailed, due to no complete handstamp seen to date.

Business Handstamps and

Privately Printed  Covers

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Business Firm

Business Handstamps

Privately Printed Covers

Return Address

Known Numbers

PDF File

A. Emil Homann



1 RA

A. Ortiz




1 BH

Adolfo Richter & Company

El Siglo XIX




1 BH


2 RA

Agencia de Aduana

Pedro Javier Rodriguez



2 BH

Agencia Editorial

Manuel Arias y Rodriguez


4 BH


Agencia General de Negocios

T.D. Ogilvie



2 BH

Agencia Maritima y de Aduanas

A. M. Barretto



3 BH

Aguirre & Company



1 BH

Aldecoa & Company



2 BH

Alexander Schadenberg




1 RA

Alfredo Roensch & Co






Antonio Fuset



1 RA

Ayala & Company






B. A. Barreto






Baer Senior & Company






Baer & Suhm






Banco Espanol-Filipino de Isabel II






Banco Industrial






Barlow & Company






Barlow & Wilson






Batlle Hermanos & Company






Bazar Filipino






Benedicta Javier






Boie & Schadenberg






Botica Boie






Botica de Roco y Llanderal


Pharmaceutical business known in Bacolod in the 1890s. Double Lined oval business Handstamp known on Scott #144.




Botica de Sta Cruz (Pablo Schuster)






Botica Zobel

(Farmacia Zobel)






Bloch y Grein






C. Fressel & Company






C. Heinszen and Company


Shipping agent known in Manila from 1875 through 1898 and into the 20 century. Oval Handstamp with square ends known on Scott #172.




C. Karuth & Company






C. Lutz and Company


Agent in Manila for ships, distilled spirits, and Swiss/German made products. Agent for Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company of Switzerland and for several German maritime and fire insurance companies. The agent was Mr. Lubhart, known to be in Manila from 1875 through 1885.




Camilo Granados






Carlos Gsell


Known on Postal Cards between 1896 and 1897.




Carlos Moritz and Company


Known on 1899 US Period cover.




Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China


Bank founded in 1853 by James Wilson following the grant of a Royal Charter from Queen Victoria. Initially opened in Manila in 1872, and formally in April 1873, with James Somerville as the agent.




Compania General de Tabacos de Filipinas


A private firm founded in Manila in 1881. It is known in Manila and Tacloban from the 1880s through 1890s.




Conrado Martell






Cucullu & Company






Domingo Burgos (DY Yangco)






Durr and Company


German background, known in Manila from 1879 through 1896.




Ed. A. Keller & Company






El Oriente - Fabrica de Tabacos






Enrique Spitz






Estefeta de Campana


Shipping Firm. No information available on this firm.




F L Roxas






F. M. Yap-Tico






F. de P. Rodoreda (Francisco de Paula)






Fabrica "Colon"

J. C. Arenas



1 BH

Fabrica de Maria Cristina






Farmacia Central






Federico C. Schenkel


Stamp dealer known in Manila from 1895 through 1899 and into the 20th century.




Felix y Emmanuel Ullmann






Findlay & Company






Findlay, Richardson & Company






Fochs & Company






Forbes, Munn & Company






Francisco Reyes and Company


Shipping business known at Calle de San Gabriel, Number 8, Manila, from the 1870s through the 1890s.




Frohlich & Kuttner and Company

(See L Kuttner)


Known in Manila from the 1890s and into the 20th century.




G. Armstrong






G. van Polanen Petel and Company


Shipping business. In 1875, was agent for Oosterling Sea and Fire Insurance Company. Known in the Manila from 1867 through 1881.




Galan y Fuster






Gebruder Dorken in Gevelsberg






George McKenzie & Company






Germann and Company


A tobacco and cigar business in Manila from the 1870s through 1898. Also believed to be an insurance agent for Basler Versicherungs, Sweden.




Gsell & Company






Gutierrez. Hermanos






H & Company


Known with Perfins




H. Bandmann


Stamp dealer of German decent. Known in Manila in the 1880s and 1890s.




Heinszen & Company






Helios – Fabrica de Tabacos


Tobacco business, known in Manila in 1894 and present into the 20th century.




Henry W. Peabody & Company






Hermann Hartmann






Herman Sander






Holliday, Wise & Company






Hollmann & Company






Hong Kong and Shangahi Banking Corporation


Bank opened in Binondo, Manila in November 1875 by Charles Ilderton. The Iloilo branch was opened in April 1883 by John McNab.




Hoskyn & Company






International Telegraph Company (YTC)


Known in Manila from 1881 through early 1890s. Believed to be a private firm under contract to the Government to operate the telegraph service in Manila during the 1880s.




J B Roxas






J. Codina and Company


Known in Manila in 1889. An 1889 circular from this firm indicated that Juan Codina and Andres Lans were company officials.




J.M. Tuason & Company

5 BH


1 RA

J. P. Rens






Jenny and Company


Known in Manila from 1865 through to 1875. Owned by Peter Jenny. Possibly mail forwarding agency.




Joaquin Barberra and Company






Joaquin V. Fernandez






Johnston, Gore-Booth and Company


Known in Manila in the 1880s. A W. Johnston and R. H. N. Gore-Booth were known in Manila in 1880.




Jorge Valdezco






Jose Crispulo Reyes


Known in Manila from 1875 through to 1887, and probably later.




Jose Reyes






Jose Juan de Ycaza






Jose Martinez






Juan Balbas y Ageo


Known in Manila from 1874 through 1886.




Juan Muñoz


Known in Manila from 1864 through 1873.




Ker & Company






Koch and Brunner


In the sugar business. Known in Manila, Cebu and Iloilo in the 1880s and 1890s. Otto Kochs was with this firm in Cebu.




Kuenzle and Streiff and Company


Known in Manila in 1896 and into the 20th century.




L Eugster & Company







(See Frohlich & Kuttner)


Known in Manila in 1889 and 1890. The same firm is believed to be Frohlich & Kuttner, which was present into the 20th century.




La Insular – Fabrica de Tabacos






Labarbe & Company






Labedan & Sertucha and Company


French origin and kown in Manila in the late 1870s and early 1880s.




Labhart and Company

(L Eugster and Company)


Known in Manila in the 1870s and 1880s. In 1875, this firm was agent for Transatlantic Fire Insurance Company of Hamburg in Manila. Also believed to be known as L. Eugster & Company, which was in Iloilo in the 1870s, but used the same ‘Manila’ business handstamp.




Larrinaga & Echeita






MacGavin, Grindrod & company






MacLeod and Company


Company was formed in 1870 and known in Manila, Cebu and Iloilo. Owned steamships and were involved in inter-island trade.




Manila Railway Company Ltd






Manuel Gena






Martin Buck and Company


Known in Manila from 1871 through 1898, and into the 20th century. Also known in San Isidro, Nueva Ecija.




Martin, Dyce and Company


Known in Manila from 1842 through 1898, and into the 20th century. In 1875 this firm was an agent for Merchants Marine Insurance Company Ltd. Two single lined oval cancel with Martin, Dyce and Co on top, blank in centre and Manila on bottom.




Matia Menchacatorre and Company


Known in Manila from 1843 through 1847.




Max Sprungli






Meerkamp & Nyssens






Menage Scientific Expedition






Motia (?) Menchatorre & Company






Munoz Hermanos






Nelson Harrmann & Company






Norman G. Schmidt






Oscar Wiget & Company






Oskar E. Roensch






Otto Hartmann


Possibly in the pharmaceutical business. Known in Jolo in 1890s.




P. Valentin Ventura






Pablo Escolar (Tableria de S. Miguel)






Pablo Sartorious (Botica Boie)






Pedro Paig






Peele, Hubbell & Company






Perfumeria Inglesa






Po Gui Yao






Prehn & Company






R M Ongcakue






Ramirez y Giraudier






Remigio Garcia






Rodolfo Mayer






Roxas Reyes


RR&Co Perfins




Rueda y Ramos






Russell & Sturgis & Company






Samuel Bischoff






Smith Bell & Company






Soler y Ca






Sprungli & Company






Struckmann & Company






Suhm & Company






Sulzen & Company






T M Cue






Tillson, Herrmann & Company






Torrecilla & Company






Velasco Hermanos






Vicente Atienza






Vidal & Company






Vistas, Moreno & Company






W F Stevenson & Company












Warner Blodgett & Company






Wiget, Uebelhardt & Company






Wong Pok Hin






Y de la Rama y Hijos






Ynchausti & Company





Yu Quioc Joc








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