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3-1/8 Centimos

6-2/8 Centimos

12-4/8 Centimos


January 1, 1864

6-2/8 Centimos de Peso


Gooding #22F1
Bartels C24; Earee - First Forgery (Page 215)
Serrane - Forgery (b); Atlee (Page 144); Harradine

Lithographed on strongly colored wove paper, rather thinner than that of the genuine. Most of the stalked pearls in the side-frames touch either the inner or outer curved lines of the frame. The thin, inner line of the frame, below the value, is broken and incomplete. The 'T' of 'CENT' has no bottom stroke. The line which marks the green part of the upper lip is too short, and does not go to the end of the profile. The stop before 'CORREOS' is a good deal nearer the 'C' than to the end of the label; and the stop after 'CORREOS' is rather nearer to the 'S' than to the end of the label. (Similar die as Gooding #21F1, 23F1 and 24F1)


Gooding #22F2

Miguel Segui Forgery. Typographed on medium yellowish paper. The second 'R' in 'CORREOS' is larger than the first. The bottom pearl on the top right corner is lacking shading. The eyebrow is formed by an even width line. The white curved line at the neckline is cut too wide. There is a break in second line from the top at the bottom left corner, where it does not touch the right side of the star. (Similar die as Gooding #21F3 and #24F2)


Gooding #22F3

A very crude forgery and issued in pale green. Most of the stalked pearls in the side-frames touch the inner or outer curved lines of the frame. The second 'R' in 'CORREOS' is broken just below the top loop. The curved lines of shading round the star-ornament in top right corner of the stamp is incomplete and missing a few lines. The eyelid is very narrow, giving the appearance of a much larger eye than the original The lettering in 'CENT' is thinner than the genuine, giving appearance of taller letters. The 'o' in 'Po' is shaped more like a square. The chain pattern, round the outer edge of the dark central oval, is small and often broken. (Similar die as Gooding #21F4 and #24F3).


Gooding #22F4

Very crude and easily distinguishable forgery. The corner ornaments are crude, with pearls not joined and there is no shading in the corner stars. The circle of pears around the bust are represented by dots. The ‘6’ almost resembles a ‘0’. There is no period between ‘CENT’ and ‘Po’.


Gooding #22F5

Printed in Black. Second ‘R’ in ‘CORREOS’ is wide. Circles within the oval are too large. Shape-lines on face and neck are spaced too far apart. All of the pearls are hollow compared to partially filled in the genuine.


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