Queen Isabella II

January 1, 1856



Issued on ‘loops’ watermarked paper. As this issue was in use simultaneously in Cuba and Puerto Rico as well as the Philippines, proof of usage in the Philippines is only distinguishable by appropriate Philippine postal or fiscal cancellations. Counterfeit Philippine cancellations similar to the genuine ones in use at this time are known.


Gooding #8F1
Bartels C8.1

Bogus cancellation on watermarked ‘loops’ issue. Imitation Baeza cancellations known, existing with double circle postmarks with 'MANILA' at top, '31' at sides, and 'ISs FILIPs' or ‘ISLs FILIPI.’ below. The lettering is generally thicker and wider than the genuine cancellations. Known examples display the date ’10 May 1861’. Largest Known Multiple: Used Block of Six [3 x 2] (Nigel Gooding collection).



Gooding #8F2

Bogus cancellation on unwatermarked Antilles issue (not used in the Philippines). Forged official ‘Cagayan’ cancel and partial Parilla cancel. Possibly other Philippine related postmarks exist on this unwatermarked issue.



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