Queen Isabella II











January 1, 1859



Gooding #10F1
Harradine - First Forgery (Page 10)

Framed single variety. The ornaments in the vertical side labels do not match those of any of the genuine stamps. The background of circles is very coarse, even to the extent of having horizontal wavy lines in the bottom right corner. Margins around the stamp are large. Exists in unused and used condition. Issued in shades of deep dull red. Also known in black and in tete-beche format. (Same die as Gooding #11F2)


Gooding #10F2
Harradine - Second Forgery (Page 10)

Forgery resembles Stamp Position 4, (bottom right of block). Only the bottom lip is outlined, and this by means of a straight line, close to the mouth line, which gives the portrait a very thin bottom lip, compared to the genuine stamp which has the top and bottom lips outlined in slanting, curved lines. The neck under the jaw-line is only 1.25mm long compared to the genuine which is 2.25mm long.


Gooding #10F3

A crude forgery and easily identifiable. There is no period between 'CORREOS' and 'INTERIOR'. The circle of dots are large and spaced a distance apart from each other. The background in the top left corner comprises of wavy vertical lines instead of circles. The '5' of '5Cs' has a very short top horizontal line and the 'C' is wide and very open. Known used with a bogus 'CORREOS' cancellation.


Gooding #10F4

A rather crude forgery. The second 'O' in 'CORREOS' is very rounded. The 'F' in 'FRANCO' is lower than the other letters. Known with bogus Small Baeza circular date cancellations. This forgery is also known to exist with the 'Habilitado Por La Nacion' Overprint. (Same die as Gooding #11F3)


Gooding #10F5

Known in Black. The ornaments in the vertical side labels are broad and rounded and do not match those of any of the genuine stamps. The space between 'S' of 'CORREOS' and 'I' of 'INTERIOR' is wide. The background of circles is poorly printed with quite a few of these missing.



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