Queen Isabella II









January 1, 1861



Gooding #12F1

Excellent forgery and very similar in design to the original. There is a colon between "CORREOS' and 'INTERIOR', with the top period quite faint and closer to the 'S' than 'I'. The bottom horizontal line on the 'E' in 'INTERIOR' slopes downward slightly and touches the 'R'. The top lip is completely inked, unlike the original which has both lips outlined. The edges around the 'O' in 'FRANCO' is jagged, unlike the smooth curves in the original.


Gooding #12F2

Issued in dark red. The bottom loop of 'S' of 'CORREOS' is closed. The spandrels are over-inked and hardly visible. The '5' of '5 Cs' is broken between the top horizontal line and the vertical stroke, almost appearing as a '3'. Known used with square dotted cancellation.

Gooding #12F3

A somewhat deceptive forgery issued in pinkish-red colour. 'CORREOS. INTERIOR' printed in thick lettering. The crown is crude and not as well defined as in the genuine stamp. The circle in the box on the bottom left corner is small; and the circle on the bottom right is broken at the top. The scrolls above and below the central diadem are more defined than in the genuine stamp. The 'C' in 'FRANCO' and the '5' and 'C' in '5Cs' are printed in Serif style.



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