Queen Isabella II









August 1862



Gooding #13F1
Bartels C16.1; Earee (Page 211); Serrane (Page 224)

Possibly typographed in brownish-carmine, on thin, pale green, surfaced wove paper, apparently enamelled. The full-stop in the upper inscription is equidistant between the two words, and there is no colon after 'INTERIOR'. The outline of the top of the frame, above this inscription, is composed of a very thick line, with a very thin line outside it. The upper, bell-shaped ornaments have no white dots above them; and the lower ones have no white dots below them. There are seventy-five pearls round the central circle. Only one row of the network can be seen, both above and below the central circle, between it and the frame. There is no shading on the throat, under the chin, and there is no spot on the neck, near the base. The front end of the ribbon, which comes across the neck, is level with the shading at the back of the neck. There are two dotted lines of shading on the neck, below the ribbon.

Gooding #13F2

Rather crude forgery. 'C' of 'CORREOS' with no break and appears like an 'O'. Full stop between 'CORREOS' and 'INTERIOR'. The left downward staff of the 'T' in 'INTERIOR' touches the right vertical line of 'N'. The bell shaped ornaments are large and in some instances incomplete. The network of semi-circles is very rough and inconsistent, broken in places. The '5' is tall and touches the frame line above it.



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