Queen Isabella II

February 1, 1854



Gooding #4F1
Bartels #C4.1; Earee Second Forgery (Page 208)

Senf Brothers Forgery. Issued in dull ultramarine on medium, very white wove paper, with a very smooth, almost glaze face. Only the '5' of the date has any sign of a head. There is no stop after 'FRANCO', and none after the 'F' of 'FTE'. The ornaments on the coronet are quite shapeless, so that the trefoil design cannot be distinguished; and there are no rings in the centers of them. The coils or plaits of hair, at the back of the head, are extremely faint and indistinct. The 'RE' of 'CORREOS' is broad and lower than the other letters.


Gooding #4F2
Bartels #C4.2; Earee First Forgery (Page 208)

Engelhardt Fohl Forgery. Roughly engraved in Taille-Douce on medium, very yellowish, white to almost buff wove paper, and issued in a dark greenish blue shade. The inscription 'CORREOS 1854 Y 1855' appears at the top of the stamp instead of the bottom. Value reads '1 RL' instead of '1RL FTE'. (Same die as Gooding #1F1, 2F2 and 5F1)


Gooding #4F3

Issued in Blue and Orange on thin paper. The 'F' of 'FRANCO' is chopped at top left corner. No period after 'R' and 'F' of '1RL FTE'. Fourth pearl from the top left is broken at the bottom. The horizontal staff of '4' in '1854' ends with a small blob. Known to exist in blue and orange. (Same die as Gooding #5F2)

(Gooding #4F3A)

(Gooding #4F3B)


Gooding #4F4

Issued in dark blue on thick paper. Dashes instead of dots after 'R' and 'F' of '1RL FTE'. Circle of pearls are smaller than the genuine stamps and in some places give the appearance of a thick line. The 'E' of 'CORREOS' is thick and the bottom line appears to end in a triangle.


Gooding #4F5

Issued in varying shades of dark blue and ultramarine. 'C' in 'FRANCO' is lower than the other letters. There is no period after 'R' or 'F' in '1RL FTE'. 'O' in 'CORREOS' slopes to the right. There is virtually no horizontal line at the top of '5' of '1854'. This forgery exists with the 'Habilitado por la Nacion' Overprint, (Gooding #25F1).


Gooding #4F6

Issued in pale blue. No Period after 'R' and 'F' of '1RL FTE'; however, periods after 'L' and 'E'. The ornaments on the coronet are plain and have no rings in the centres of them. The Queen's nose is extremely flat and almost aligned with the chin.


Gooding #4F7

Deceptive and dangerous forgery issued in blue on yellowish paper. There are too many horizontal lines around the diadem and are very close together, compared to the genuine stamps which have them more spaced apart. The 'C' and 'O' of 'CORREOS' are lower than the other letters, with the 'C' dropping further than the 'O'.


Gooding #4F8

Crude forgery, circa 1880s, and probably from Cuba. The upper caption is not even. The top stroke of 'F' of 'FRANCO' curves downwards. The '1' in '1RL' touches the 'O' in 'FRANCO'. The 'C' of 'CORREOS' touches the left margin. Numerous malformed letters in 'CORREOS' and broken numbers in '1854' and '55'. The 'Y' is tall and narrow.


Gooding #4F9

CORROS Error Forgery. Stamp does not plate against the genuine issue. It appears that the original lettering was erased and altered to imitate the 'CORROS' error, as there is a light tinge of blue in the area where the erasure was done. The letters in 'CORROS' are too large and there is no space between the 'Y' and '1854' and '55' on either side.


(Genuine Stamp)

(Forged Stamp)

(Provenance: Carl Walske Collection)


Gooding #4F10

Crude forgery issued in Green (colour of 2-Reales issue). All letting is very close together. The left staff of '1' in '1854' is very long and almost touches the 'S' of 'CORREOS'. The nostril is very wide and thick. Only one damaged copy recorded to date.


Gooding #4F11

Forgery similar to design as Gooding #4F2 in that the inscription 'CORREOS 1854 Y 55' appears at the top and 'FRANCO 1RL FTE' appears at the bottom (reverse position compared to the genuine issue). '4' of '1854' is lower than the other numbers. Pearls are large and lettering is somewhat course. Bogus Circular Cancel.


Gooding #4F12

Somewhat crude forgery issued in black. The '1' in '1 Rl' has a broken bottom staff on right. The coronets on the crown are crude and incomplete. The 'S' of 'CORREOS' is irregular with almost horizontal top and bottom curves. The '55' of '1855' are narrow and the second number is very thin. Only one example recorded to date.

Ricardo Valverde Collection



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