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Spanish Period (1854-1899)

xx Isabella & HPLN (1854-1874)

xx Amadeo & Republic (1871-1874)

xx King Alfonso XII (1875-1889)

xx Era of Surcharges (1881-1888)

xx King Alfonso XIII (1890-1897)

xx King Alfonso XIII (1897-1898)

xx Aguinaldo & Provisional Issues

US Period (1899-1946)

xx US Overprints (1899-1904)

xx Regular Issues (1926-1946)

xx Airmail Stamps (1926-1941)

xx Special Delivery & Postage Dues

xx Official Stamps (1926-1946)

Japanese Occupation (1942-1945)

xx Stamps (1942-1945)

Republic (1946-Current)

xx Mint Stamps & Year Sets


Terms & Conditions



Email: nvkstamps@hotmail.com



Terms & Conditions




All material in stock can be viewed by accessing the links on the left side of the website. Each item is sold on a first-come, first-served basis and remains subject to confirmation of availability at time of request.


All pricing is in US Dollars (USD). Payment is accepted in USD, British Pounds (GBP), Australian Dollars (AUD), or Euros (refer to Payment Options below for further details). Non USD payments will be converted to currency of choice based on the actual USD exchange rate on the date of purchase using the following internet website: www.oanda.com/currency/converter/.


The following abbreviations are in use:

NH Never Hinged with original gum on mint stamp

OG Original Gum on mint stamp

NG No Gum on mint stamp

HR Hinge Remains or Hinge Remnants


Additional scans of listed items are available on request.


To place an order, please email us at nvkstamps@hotmail.com quoting the reference number(s) of all items of interest. On receipt, we will confirm availability of the material and forward a quote accordingly. Please do not forward any payment until a quote has been generated by NVK Stamps.


Invoicing, Shipping & Handling:


An invoice detailing all purchases and associated shipping and handling charges will be forwarded (normally within 24-hours of any purchase request). Please wait for invoice confirmation before making payment to ensure requested item(s) are in stock.


All lots will be mailed from the United Kingdom and will be subject to the following minimum postal charges:

Within the UK - $1.50

Europe - $3.50

USA and Rest of World - $4.00


Larger or heavier lots will be charged at actual mailing rate converted from British Pounds.


An additional charge to the standard postal charge will apply for registered or tracked mailings, as follows:

Signed For (UK only) - $2.00

Registered Mail (Europe, US and Rest of World) - $8.00


Payment Options:


The following payment options are accepted:


Paypal, as follows:

US Dollar Payments nigelgooding@hotmail.com

All other Currencies nvkstamps-uk@hotmail.com


US Dollar personal cheque or money order.


British Pounds personal cheque or money order.


Australian Dollar personal cheque or money order.


All cheques or money orders to be made out to: Velda Gooding.


Cash in British Pounds, US Dollars, Australian Dollars or Euros (sent via registered or secured mail).


Direct bank transfer (US, UK or Australia) details provided on request.


Certification & Return Policy:


Certification of any lots purchased is acceptable as a condition of purchase. Any costs incurred for certification are to be borne by the buyer. Payment in full for any lot(s) must be made and a full refund will be offered in the event that the lot(s) does not pass certification. Please advise us if this is a required condition at the time of purchasing any lot(s).


Full money back guarantee offered for any lots that are incorrectly described or not in the condition as detailed.

If you have any queries or wish to discuss any other matters, please contact us by email.