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Featured Direct Sales


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Each lot is offered for direct sale as priced. This is not an auction so no bidding will take place.


All items are priced and sold in US dollars.


All lots are sold on a first-come first-serve basis.


Please quote the reference number(s) and corresponding price(s) for any items of interest and email to: nvkstamps@hotmail.com.


Confirmation of availability and a corresponding invoice will be sent within two (2) days of receipt of any requests.


Additional charge for Postage and shipping will be added and detailed in the invoice. Sales over $100 will be sent via registered mail or DHL courier or as agreed with the buyer.


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NVK Stamps warrants all sales and will accept returns (no questions asked) within two weeks of receipt of the lots and will refund the purchase price and associated postage costs. Where notified within two (2) weeks of the purchase time, extended returns are allowed on items being forwarded for expertising (where expertising costs are to be borne by the buyer). In the event a lot returns a negative certificate, NVK Stamps will only refund in full the purchase price and postage charges related to that specific lot. Refunds will take place immediately on receipt of any returned lot(s).


This Page will be regularly updated to replace sold lots and to continually add new, more ususual material. We hope you find something to help you expand your collection.

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NVK Stamps
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Item Reference: DS04

Japanese Occupation

Catalog Number: Scott N2, N6, N7

Condition: First Day Cover


Description: 30 April 1943. Addressed First Day Cover of the 12c, 50c and 1p Regular issue. Stamps tied with Manila (No. 2) Duplex cancels. Purple rectangular Censor handstamp on bottom centre. Printed cachet on left. Both 50c and 1p with bottom selvage Plate numbers (129955 and 129939). Generally fine condition. Scarce with plate numbered stamps on cover. Overall fine condition. Scott Cat $150+ as single used stamps.

Price: $75.00




Item Reference: DS02

Japanese Occupation

Catalog Number: Scott NO1, NO3 (3)

Condition: Cover

Description: 20 October 1943. Official Manila circulating cover from the Bureau of Treasury with 2c and three 5c official overprint stamps affixed, paying 17c Domestic Registration Letter fee (5c first class domestic postal rate plus 12c registry fee). Stamps tied with Wavy Lined Manila Registry Killer cancels. Purple rectangular boxed Manila Registration marking (Garrett Type 2) applied on front and back of cover. Registry Label (No. 31179) applied on bottom left corner. Boxed Second Notice (23 October) and Third Notice (26 October) handstamps. Additional Unclaimed and Returned to Sender handstamps. Generally fine and a very striking cover.

Price: $80.00






Item Reference: DS01

Aguinaldo Revolutionary Government

Catalog Number: Scott Y3

Condition: Mint (NG, Light HR)

Description: 1898 2c Correo y Telegrafos Aguinaldo issue. Centred slightly left. Fresh colour. Commonly found rough perfs for this issue. A very nice looking stamp. Cat Value $150.

Price: $80.00 SOLD




Item Reference: DS03

Japanese Occupation

Catalog Number: Scott N1, NJ1 (Double Bar Variety)

Condition: Cover


Description: 10 October 1942. Manila circulating cover with 2c stamp under-paying 5c first class domestic rate, cancelled with Manila machine cancel. 3c Postage Due stamp with Double Lined obliterator affixed on bottom right and cancelled with Manila 10 October 1942 circular date stamp. Very fine and a much sought after usage of the Double Bar Postage Due issue.


Between September 1, 1942 (when the letter rate was raised from 2c to 5c) and October 14, 1942, the Short Paid Section of the Post Office authorised their employees to obliterate the words United States of America with two lines, drawn in India ink with a ruling pen to make a provisional 3c Postage Due stamp. This was ceased when the issued Postage Due stamp went on sale from October 14, 1942.

Price: $80.00 SOLD




Item Reference: DS05

Japanese Occupation

Catalog Number: Scott N2, N6, N7 on NU1

Condition: First Day Cover


Description: 30 April 1943. Addressed First Day Cover of the 12c, 50c and 1p Regular issue affixed to 5c Pre-Stamped Envelope with pre-printed corner card. Stamps tied with Manila (No. 1) Duplex cancels. Purple rectangular Censor handstamp on top left. Black boxed First Day Cover cachet handstamp on bottom left corner. 1p with bottom selvage Plate Number (129939). Generally fine condition. Scott Cat $150+ as single used stamps.

Price: $75.00 SOLD



 xxx xxx


Item Reference: DS06

Philippine Republic

Catalog Number: Scott 3527 Variety

Condition: Mint (OG, NH)

Description: 27 July 2014. Three SelyoKo miniature sheets issued to commemorate the Iglesia ni Cristo centenary. Very scarce and seldom offered sheets as these were only sold through the Iglesia ni Cristo and were not available for sale at any of the Post Offices. Very fine condition.


Footnote in Scott under Scott 3527: Three miniature sheets of six were issued on July 27, 2014, for the Iglesia ni Cristo centennial. The right half of each stamp could be personalised. One sheet bore design of Scott 3527 on the top left half of each stamp. The other two bore images of the Iglesia ni Cristo Central Office Complex and the Philippine Arena.

Price: $90.00 SOLD


Email : nvkstamps@hotmail.com

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