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Philippine Stamps

Spanish Period (1854-1899)

     Isabella & HPLN (1854-1874)

     Amadeo & Republic (1871-1874)

     King Alfonso XII (1875-1889)

     Era of Surcharges (1881-1888)

     King Alfonso XIII (1890-1897)

     King Alfonso XIII (1897-1898)

     Aguinaldo & Provisional Issues

US Period (1899-1946)

     US Overprints (1899-1904)

     Regular Issues (1926-1946)

     Airmail Stamps (1926-1941)

     Special Delivery & Postage Dues

     Official Stamps (1926-1946)

Japanese Occupation (1942-1945)

     Stamps (1942-1945)

Republic (1946-Current)

     Mint Stamps & Year Sets


Terms & Conditions





Republic Period

1946 – Current


Mint Stamps & Year Sets

(Scott #500 Onwards)








Please email  us with a list of items of interest,


Quoting the Reference number corresponding to each unsold lot

Email: nvkstamps@hotmail.com




Mint & Used Issues


Extensive Stock of Mint issues from 1946 to Current issues


Good Range of Used stock also available from 1946 to issues of the mid-1980s


*** Pricing charged at 70% of Scott Catalogue Value (with further discounts for larger orders) ***


Please email Want Lists to: nvkstamps@hotmail.com




New Issues Service


Why not sign up to our New Issues Service to ensure you don’t miss out on any future Philpost issues.


Benefits Include:

§  Each order is tailored to meet your specific collecting needs

§  Includes Stamps, Souvenir Sheets, Miniature Sheets (Sheetlets), PSE, Post Cards, Christmas Seals etc

§  Annual Philpost Stamp Page Supplements Available (current and backdated years as required)

§  Competitive Pricing (charged at 150% of face value converted from Philippine Pesos to currency of choice)

§  Postage from the UK charged at actual cost

§  Items mailed twice a year (six monthly)

§  Flexible payment options: Paypal; US, UK or Australian cheques; or US, UK or Australian bank deposits


To join or to find out more, please email us at: nvkstamps@hotamail.com




Email : nvkstamps@hotmail.com

Last Updated January 10, 2018