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Private Treaty Sales (PTS)


Terms of Sale:


1.   Each lot is offered for direct sale as priced this is not an auction so no bidding will take place.


2.   All items are priced and sold in US dollars.


3.   All lots are sold on a first-come first-serve basis.


4.   Please quote the reference number(s) and corresponding price(s) for any items of interest and email to: nvkstamps@hotmail.com. Alternatively, requests can be mailed to the address below.


5.   Confirmation of availability and a corresponding invoice will be sent within two (2) days of receipt of any requests.


6.   Additional charge for Postage and shipping will be added and detailed in the invoice. Sales over $100 will be sent via registered mail or DHL courier or as agreed with the buyer.


7.   Payment options: Paypal; US, UK or Australian Cheque; or Direct Deposit to US, UK or Australian bank (details will be provided with invoice).



8.   NVK Stamps warrants all sales and will accept returns (no questions asked) within two weeks of receipt of the lots and will refund the purchase price and associated postage costs. Where notified within two (2) weeks of the purchase time, extended returns are allowed on items being forwarded for expertising (where expertising costs are to be borne by the buyer). In the event a lot returns a negative certificate, NVK Stamps will only refund in full the purchase price and postage charges related to that specific lot. Refunds will take place immediately on receipt of any returned lot(s).


9.   The Private Treaty Sales will be regularly updated to reflect lots that have been sold.


We hope you find some items of interest.


Velda Gooding

NVK Stamps

8 Avondale Avenue

Hinchley Wood

Surrey KT10 0DA

United Kingdom


Please click on the link below to access the Private Treaty Sale




PTS #8 August 2019


PTS #7 June 2019 (Closed)


PTS #6 April 2019 (Closed)


PTS #5 January 2019 (Closed)


PTS #4 November 2018 (Closed)


PTS #3 October 2018 (Closed)


PTS #2 April 2018 (Closed)


PTS #1 January 2018 (Closed)



Email : nvkstamps@hotmail.com

Last Updated October 24, 2018