The Era of Surcharges

1881 – 1888

Postage Stamps

Revenue Stamps

Telegraph Stamps


Scott #s 89 - 111

Scott #s 112 -131

Scott #s 132 - 136


Scott 89

Scott 91

Scott 92

Scott 93

Scott 94

Scott 94a

Scott 94b

Scott 95

Scott 95A

Scott 96

Scott 97

Scott 98

Scott 99

Scott 100

Scott 101

Scott 102

Scott 103

Scott 104

Scott 105

Scott 106

Scott 107

Scott 108

Scott 109

Scott 110

Scott 111




Scott # 95A


8c Green Surcharge Over 1r Green Surcharge
on 2c Carmine

Surcharged on 2c carmine King Alfonso XII issue of April 19, 1880 (Scott #76)


One 8c Surcharge Type Known with
Two 1-Real Surcharge Types Known

#95A (XXIV on XI)

#95A (XXIV on XII)


Description of 1-Real Surcharge Types

#95A (XXIV on XI)

Letters rather small
Top of ‘R’ of ‘REAL’ much narrower than base
Wide space between ‘L’ of ‘REAL’ and ‘S’ of ‘CORREOS’
 ‘IL’ of ‘HABILITADO’ is close together
No period under ‘P’ of ‘P

#95A (XXIV on XII)

Letters of ‘REAL’ close together
Top of ‘P’ of ‘P
A’ is broad
No period under ‘P’ of ‘P


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