The Era of Surcharges

1881 – 1888

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Scott # 94

June 4, 1883

2r Black Surcharge on 2-4/8c Ultramarine (Original State)

Surcharged on 2-4/8c ultramarine King Alfonso XII issue of February 1882 (Scott #78)


Four Surcharge Types Known

#94 (XVIII)

#94 (XIX)


#94 (XX)

#94 (XXII)




Description of Surcharge Types

#94 (XVIII)

The ‘H’ in ‘HABILITADO’ is Broad
The ‘D’ of ‘DOS’ is Small
The ‘S’ of ‘DOS’ is Inverted
The ‘
A’ of ‘PA’ is Broad

#94 (XIX)

The ‘H’ of ‘HABILITADO’ is narrow
The letter are taller than Type XVIII
The ‘
A’ of ‘PA’ is Narrow

#94 (XX)

There is a period after ‘RLES
The ‘H’ of ‘HABILITADO’ is Broader at the Top than the Bottom
The ‘D’ of ‘DOS’ resembles an ‘O’
The Top of ‘P’ of ‘P
A’ is Narrow

#94 (XXII)

The ‘R’ of ‘RLES’ resembles an ‘A’
Large ‘
L’ in ‘RLES
The ‘D’ and ‘O’ of ‘HABILITADO’ are Broad and Far Apart
Surcharge Measures 16mm horizontally (compared to others which are no more than 15mm)


Additional Comments

A total of 50,000 stamps were surcharged and issued on June 4, 1883. A further 25,000 stamps were issued on September 10, 1885. It is uncertain how these quantities were split across Scott #94, #94a and #94b.


Bartels also lists a Type XXI, indicating that this type only exists on Scott #94 and is rare. This type has not been included as no examples have been seen to date to ratify that this surcharge type exists.


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