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Scott # 93

October 1883

1r Black Surcharge on 2c Carmine

Surcharged on 2c carmine King Alfonso XII issue of April 19, 1880 (Scott #76)


Two Surcharge Types Known

#93 (XI)

#93 (XIII)


Description of Surcharge Types

#93 (XI)

Letters rather small
Top of ‘R’ of ‘REAL’ much narrower than base
Wide space between ‘L’ of ‘REAL’ and ‘S’ of ‘CORREOS’
 ‘IL’ of ‘HABILITADO’ is close together
No period under ‘P’ of ‘P

#93 (XIII)

Larger letters than Type XI
Narrow space between ‘L’ of ‘REAL’ and ‘S’ of ‘CORREOS’
‘IL’ of ‘HABILITADO’ is far apart
Period under ‘P’ of ‘P


Additional Comments

Bartels (1904) - Issued in October 1883, with surcharge Type XIII. Further stating that the very limited issue of these stamps was used on telegrams only, with all known examples showing punch cancellations.

Palmer (1912) - A total of 4,000 stamps were issued in October 1883, with surcharge Type XIII. He further stated “As practically all known copies of this issue are punched, it is believed the issue was intended for telegraphic use, and that few copies were used postally. Because of the small number in this issue, this stamp is quite rare in any condition.”


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