Queen Isabella II Covers






Scott #7 / Edifil #6

Issued to pay the single-weight interior postal rate for mail under half-an-ounce.

4 Covers Recorded



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Circa 1855
Addressed to Capiz (Rizal)

Nigel Gooding Collection

Alfonso Filatelia (Spain) Auction - November 1984

R. Wolffers Auction - September 3-5, 1980

Afinsa Auction - October 30, 2001 (Lot 385) [Estimated at Euros 20,000 - Unsold]


10 March 1858
Addressed to Binondo (Manila)

Antonio Cuesta Collection

Daniel F. Kelleher Auction - Jan 14-15, 2003 [Price Realized $19,500]

Overseas Usage


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Circa 1855
Manila to Bilbao (Spain)

No Illustration Available

Lowell Newman Auction - February 12-13, 1992


4 November 1858
Manila to Madrid (Spain), via Suez

Provenance: Maruice Burrus, John Robert Boker Jr
Antonio Cuesta Collection

Robson Lowe Ltd (Burrus) Auction - May 5, 1964 (Lot 319)

Soler & Llach Auction - Feb 20, 1992 (Lot 3117) [Price Realized 5,400,000 Pesetas]

Ivy & Mader Auction - Jun 28-30, 1995 (Lot 4611) [Price Realized US$29,000]


Comment: Two 5c Stamps paying 10c Printed Matter rate to Spain. 4Rs handstamp applied in Madrid indicating insufficient postage as stamps applied were not recognised as being valid to pay the postal charges.


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