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Scott #17 / Edifil #14

Issued to pay the domestic Registration Fee

No Covers Recorded

Bogus or Doubtful Covers
(Not Counted in Number of Recorded Covers)


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27 November 1863
Manila to Barcelona (Spain)

Provenance: Maurice Burrus, John Robert Bocker Jr, Alfaro, Fritz-Walter Lange

Robson Lowe Ltd Auction (Burrus Collection) - May 5, 1964 (Lot 349)

Soler & Llach Auction - February 20, 1992 (Lot 3157)

Soler & Llach - Auction April 7, 2020 (Lot 634) [Prize Realized 15,000 Euros]


Comment: Genuine 2-reales stamp affixed to cover representing double weight postal rate to Spain and tied with bogus Parrilla cancellation. Manila / Star (27 November 1863) departure circular date stamp on cover front (possibly forged cancel as well). This stamp was issued for domestic use only (indicated by the heading CORREOS - INTERIOR) and no genuine 2-reales used stamp has been recorded to date. Interestingly, the 1-real stamp exists on small piece with an almost identical configuration with the same Parrilla cancel and a Manila / Star CDS with the same date of 27 November 1863, and certified as bogus by Comex.

1-Real tied to piece with bogus Parrilla cancellation
Also showing the same dated Manila / Star CDS
Comex Certificate indicating that the Parrilla cancellation is bogus
(Nigel Gooding Collection)

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