Queen Isabella II Covers






January 1, 1859





Scott #11 / Edifil #8

Issued to pay the double-weight domestic postal rate for mail between half-an-ounce and one ounce

2 Covers Recorded



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3 December 1861
Manila Circulating to Binondo, San Gabriel

Antonio Cuesta Collection

Soler & Llach Auction - February 20, 1992 (Lot 3131)

Soler y Llach Auctions - February 4, 1999 (Lot 89)

Comment: 5-cuartos and 10-cuartos stamps totalling 15-cuartos, paying triple weight domestic postal rate. The only combination cover known with both stamps of the 1859 issue.

Overseas Printed Matter


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5 March 1862
Manila to Madrid (Spain)

Provenance: Donald Peterson
Nigel Gooding Collection

Comment: 10-cuartos stamp paying single weight overseas circular rate of 10-cuartos.


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