The Era of Surcharges

1881 – 1888

Postage Stamps

Revenue Stamps

Telegraph Stamps


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Scott # 129A

October 27, 1881

2r Red Surcharge on 2r Blue

Surcharged on 2r blue Derecho Judicial Fiscal issue of 1878


Three Surcharge Types Known

#129A (XVIII)

#129A (XX)

#129A (XXVII)


Description of Surcharge Types

#129A (XVIII)

The ‘H’ in ‘HABILITADO’ is Broad
The ‘D’ of ‘DOS’ is Small
The ‘S’ of ‘DOS’ is Inverted
The ‘
A’ of ‘PA’ is Broad

#129A (XX)

Similar to Type XXVII
There is a period after ‘R
The ‘H’ of ‘HABILITADO’ is Broader at the Top than the Bottom
The ‘D’ of ‘DOS’ resembles an ‘O’
The Top of ‘P’ of ‘P
A’ is Narrow
Shorter space between ‘R
LES.’ and ‘S’ of ‘CORREOS’

#129A (XXVII)

Similar to Type XX
There is a period after ‘R
LES.’ are close together
Wider space between ‘R
LES.’ and ‘S’ of ‘CORREOS’


Additional Comments

A total of 10,000 stamps were surcharged.


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