Queen Isabella II

October 1, 1863

In October 1863, a new 1-real stamp was issued for foreign mail usage. This issue is very similar in design to the previous issues of February and March 1863.

The stamps were lithographed by M. Perez y Hijo in Manila; issued imperforate on thick white paper; and measure 20 x 23 mm. In this issue, the word "CORREOS" now measures 11 mm long; the tip of the bust ends in a sharp point and almost touches the circle of 76 pearls; and the lettering is in Block Capitals.

It is worthy to note that this issue is the last of the Philippine stamps to be printed in Manila, (with the exception of various surcharging carried out from time to time). All future issues were printed in Spain.

A total of 30,000 stamps were printed and issued in the following shades:

Issued in emerald-green. (Scott #20; SG #25; Edifil #16)

1-real. Issued in green. (Scott #20a; SG #25a; Edifil #16a)

 Note: Authorities tend to disagree with the actual first day of sale for this issue, as follows:

1) March 1863 - Mencarini, (1896)

2) Summer 1863 - Bartels, (1904)

3) October 1, 1863 - Edifil Unificado Catalogue

4) December 1863 - Lopez, (1890) and Duro, (1891)

5) End of 1863 - Stanley Gibbons Catalogue; Hanciau, (1905); and Palmer, (1912)


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