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January 1, 1861


5-cuartos. Issued for domestic mail under half-an-ounce, (single weight interior postal rate). A total of 10,000 stamps were issued in shades of vermilion and dull scarlet. The stamps remained in use until August 1862, with later usage also known. (Scott #12; SG #17; Edifil #9)

This issue is somewhat similar in design to that of the 1859 issue, but only issued in one type. All lettering is in sans-serif. The words "CORREOS INTERIOR" are close together, with a period between them. The "F" of "FRANCO" almost touches the frame of the lower label at the left. The bust is cut square below and quite a distance from the circle of pearls. The pearls in the circle are smaller, and the white outer circle is much less conspicuous. The whole impression has a darker and heavier appearance.

The stamps were lithographed by M. Perez y Hijo in Manila on thin, yellowish or bluish, white wove paper; issued imperforate and measure 18 x 23 mm. The stamps were printed in sheets of 130 (13 rows of 10 stamps each). They were placed very close together on the stone, and rows are quite irregular. Therefore, only a few copies are well centred or have much of any margins.

The design of the stamps is crude and inartistic, and the printing is poor and blurred; giving the impression of having been done in great haste and with little care. It is presumed that this issue was produced to overcome one of the frequent "out-of-stock" situations which were often met with throughout the Spanish era.


Minor varieties exist, which are caused by defective transferring or printing. Some stamps have parts of letters and/or parts of the outer frame lines surrounding each stamp missing. A couple of examples are shown below.

Top Frame Line Mostly Omitted with "CORR" of "CORREOS" Cut-into

Parrilla Cancel

Small Baeza CDS


Bottom Horizontal Frame Line on Top Two Stamps Omitted


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