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In 1873, the 12-centimos de peseta and 62-centimos de peseta values were re-issued in blue and rose respectively. It is uncertain whether these issues were intended as new issues for postal usage, or are merely colour trials.

12-centimos de peseta, in blue, with letters and figures of the value single-lined.
(Edifil #NE2)

62-centimos de peseta, in rose, with letters and figures of the value double-lined. (Edifil #NE3)

Bartels, (1912), believed this to have been a true postal issue, in new colours, stating the following reasons: The stamps are usually found perforated and gummed. However, they also occur imperforated and are considered rare. Both values are found with "MINISTERIO DE ULTRAMAR, MUESTRAS" overprints, indicating that they are "Specimens" furnished as notification of their coming use. No other stamps not supplied for use are known with this overprint. All Manila philatelists of the time claim that this was a late issue in changed colours, and that the stamps were sold at the Post Office and were postally used. In this connection it is also worthy to note that in the next regular issue of 1874, the 62-centimos value is printed in Rose, though the 12-centimos appears in lilac and grey-lilac.

However, the comments from Bartels are considered incorrect, as very few of the copies seen exist gummed. None have been seen used or on cover, and the stamps were found in Spain, not in the Philippines.

Note: Palmer, (1912), indicated that these stamps were (probably) issued in 1874.



12-centimos de peseta, Imperforated and ungummed in blue.

62-centimos de peseta, Imperforated and ungummed in rose.


12-centimos de peseta in blue, overprinted "MINISTERIO DE ULTRAMAR", "MUESTRAS" in two lines in Blue. (Type 1)

62-centimos de peseta in rose, overprinted "MINISTERIO DE ULTRAMAR", "MUESTRAS" in two lines in Blue. (Types 1 and 1A)


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