Philippine Philatelic Societies


During the Japanese Occupation Period

1942 - 1945


Collated by Nigel Gooding in Collaboration with
Akira Kaburaki and Edward Nocom













Philatelic Societies During the Japanese Occupation
of the Philippines


Despite the difficult times and numerous restrictions in place during the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines during World War II, a number of Philatelic Societies were active between 1942 and 1945. Some Clubs or Associations were already pre-established prior to the surrender of the US Forces to the Japanese in 1942; a few actually commencing operations during the Japanese Occupation period. This website is dedicated to featuring the activities of various Clubs and Associations that were active during World War II, and expands to include activities for any Clubs and Associations that remained active after Liberation. Whilst the primary focus is related to philatelic material, the website also includes other memorabilia and material that has a relevance to each of the Clubs and Associations. 


The following Philatelic Clubs and Associations are featured:

1)      xPhilippine Philatelic Club (PPC). Formed April 11, 1944

xxxxPhilippines Amateur Stamp Collectors’ Club. Founded November 7, 1937

xxxxChapter No. 1 – Junior Chapter. Formed August 8, 1944

xxxxChapter No. 2 – Society of Philatelic Rizalists. Formed August 26, 1944

2)      xPhilippine Stamp Exchange (PSE). Formed August 1943

3)      xPhilippine Stamp Dealers’ Association (PSDA). Formed July 14, 1944

4)      xPhilippine Philatelic Writers’ Club. Formed October 17, 1939

5)      xAsociacion Filatelica de Filipinas (AFF). Formed May 10, 1925

6)      xLibreria Manila Filatelica. Established 1902

7)      xPhilippine Numismatic and Antiquarian Society (PNAS). Founded March 16, 1929

8)      xBaguio Philatelic & Exchange Club. Usage in 1944

9)      xPangasinan Philatelic Society (PPS). Formed circa 1944
xxxxLingayen Stamp Club. Formed circa 1943

10)  xSan Juan Stamp Exchange. From 1941

11)  xCirculo Filatelico de Vigan. Formed circa 1944

12)  xPhilatelic Club of Malolos. Formed circa 1943


During the Japanese Occupation, there were various subtle secret acronyms or messages embedded in some of the correspondence. Main highlights are:

xxx RDF: FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) spelt backwards

xxx R D Arispia Sr or Rizalino D Arispia Sr: acronym abbreviated as: Rizal Declares a Revolution in Stamped Paper Is a Silent Rebellion

xxx G B Amer: God Bless America

xxx I C Fabom: In Commemoration First Allied Bombing of Manila


Special thanks to Akira Kaburaki and Edward Nocom for taking time to work with me and share scans of material from their personal collections, enhancing the overall content and completeness of this website. I would be very pleased to receive scans of any material that is not currently on show to allow further expansion of this site (appropriate acknowledgements will be applied).



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